Road 40 and Mission Mountain Road – Gravel Sections Resurfacing

This is good news that I found out at a Minister meeting this week through the Union of BC Municipalities (UBCM), Minister meetings. The gravel sections of Road 40 and the Mission Mountain Road will be resurfaced starting next week! I had asked regarding paving or resurfacing Road 40’s gravel sections with Minister Claire Trevena of the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure and she told us about this project. I reached out to our District Manager and got the reply below.

“Dawson Road Maintenance (DRM) will be undertaking the resurfacing along Road 40, with works scheduled to commence on or about Sept. 21st.. The crushed material being placed originates from a stockpile that the Ministry produced last winter at Camoo Pit, located east of Terzaghi.

DRM is delivering the works through the Quantified plan of the Maintenance Contract. The Stockpile was produced last fiscal and funded through the Ministry’s rehab. program. Total costs for production and placement will be in excess of $400,000. We expect the works to take a minimum of 2 weeks to undertake and will be dependent on weather, equipment performance etc. The volume of material to be placed is actually in excess of 10,000 m3.

Placement will be undertaken with DRM’s resurfacing fleet as well as a grader, water truck etc. and a smooth drum roller. “

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