Tyaughton Lake – Gun Creek Road “No Firearms Discharge” Signs

Google Earth Image of the 8 sign locations

New “No Firearms Discharge” Signs

The Tyaughton Lake Ratepayers had previously asked the SLRD for updated signage with more signs for the area in key locations. This request was prior to me becoming the Area A Director. I was asked to help and working with the Tyaughton Lake and Gun Creek Road area ratepayers groups this year, a plan was created to install more and updated signage. The new signs have the updated No Firearm Discharge (NFD) zone , private properties highlighted and “You Are Here” icons. I want to thank in particular Mary Benson and Jim Blair for the work they did in making sure the locations and sign content was what the ratepayer groups wanted.

The new signs are all up now! I want to thank the SLRD Electoral Area Directors for approving the costs associated for the purchase and installation of the signs through the SLRD Area A Select Funds. I also want to thank the SLRD Staff and Contractor for all the help they have given to make this project come together and installed.

SLRD Area A “No Firearms Discharge” Bylaw

This is a link to the SLRD Area A Bylaw. SLRD Area A “No Firearms Discharge” Bylaw . As you will see, I have highlighted two of the main Exemptions that pertain to this Bylaw. One of them is that a licensed hunter can still hunt in the NFD zone but still has to be 100 meters from a dwelling as per the Hunting Regulations.

Tyaughton Lake-Gun Creek Road Final Signs

This link is to a PDF file of the final version of the signs, that are now installed. The large sign is 72″ wide by 48″ high and the rest of the signs are 24″ wide by 36″ high: Tyaughton Lake-Gun Creek Road Final NFD Signs . The image above is the large sign replacing the old outdated one.

Gun Lake Ratepayers “No Firearms Discharge” Signs

I have also worked with the Gun Lake Ratepayers Association as they have requested new NFD signage and as of this writing they are being manufactured. They more than likely now, will not be installed until next spring.

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  1. Great job to all involved. Just not sure why there are 3 signs at Gun Creek Rd. Good reasons I am sure but could you please clarify for me.


    1. Hi Kathleen,

      One is for the large sign just past the intersection of the Tyaughton Lake and Gun Creek Road. The next one is on the first road to the right past the intersection and just a little bit in on that road as hunters frequent that road and further. The other is on the Gun Creek Road in a ways past the intersection. One was also put at the Mowson Pond Rec Site and I received approval form the Rec Sties and Trails Government Officer for our area, as many hunters camp there. All the signs were approved by the ratepayer groups. I hope that answers your question.

      Take care,

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