“Sal Demare, the right man for our community:

I have gotten to know Sal over the last eight years and am continually impressed with his energy and involvement. He is always there for community projects from planning, through the physical work to completion. His willingness to help extends beyond being a good neighbour – it extends to trail advocacy, forestry practices, the school and helping establish a working, respectful relationship with the indigenous nations. He is a man that can listen and act.

I have always felt that for a person to hold public office, they must be involved with the community first and Sal has all the qualifications.

Norm Verner”

“I have had the pleasure of knowing Sal DeMare since 1988.  Sal and I worked together from 1988 through to his retirement in 2011. Sal’s approach at work was always well thought out, well planned out, and equally well executed.

I observed Sal bring the same approach to the numerous volunteer activities and his recreational activities.  In recognition of his volunteer work Sal was a deserving recipient of the 2003 Williams Lake Citizen of the Year.

I am sure Sal will bring the same successful approach, commitment, and dedication to the position of Regional District Area A 

Rob Fraser”

“I have had the pleasure of working with Sal for a number of years. We worked together on a project team that was implementing a new Computer Maintenance Management System across the company. Sal played a huge role in the success of that project as well as any task he performed at Tolko. His strong interpersonal skills were a huge asset as we had to deal with several people that were opposed to change. He is a great leader who listened to the facts, would remain impartial when required and take the lead when required. Sal can be strategic as well as tactical when the job needs to get done. His practical, common sense “get it done” approach made him invaluable. He is a strong asset to any team or position.

Rose Tovani Manager, Business Process Improvements Tolko Industries”